Setting the Stage for Rockstar Recruitment

A Rockstar is a candidate in the top 5% of performers at the compensation level you can afford across two dimensions: competencies and DNA. And you need to hire Rockstars for every position in your organization, not just upper leadership. If a position deserves to exist, it deserves a Rockstar to fill it. Your vision and mission deserve it, too.

A Rockstar may cost 20% more, but it’s wise to hire an A-performer rather than hope to find someone for less. A Rockstar can be at least 2 to 10 times more effective than the average performer, and you save a ton of time you’d spend managing an average performer. So realistically, your Rockstar hire nets as a greater long-term investment with a higher ROI than your shorter-term spend for the hire.

If you commit to hiring only Rockstars for every open position, your corporate culture will transform, because Rockstars will attract other Rockstars. If you can’t attract a Rockstar to every position, it’s likely time to evaluate your mission or leadership to see what’s affecting the strength of your employer value proposition.

Start with the end in mind. Envision a magnetic culture built on the DNA of top performers who live, breathe, and elevate the company’s vision and mission, because the transformation journey gets bumpy when it’s time to exit existing low performers…because they just won’t fit any more. Starting with a decision today to hire only Rockstars for every open position is a game changer for your organization’s future as you commit to Rockstar performance as your standard for Every. Single. Hire.