Take Off the Mask! Identify Your DNA and Hire To It!

Hiring talent for your hospital is one of the most important things you can do as an acute care hospital executive.

Let’s face it…your company is only as spectacular as the employees you hire.

For example, take your favorite sports team. It cannot, nor should it, tolerate mediocrity in any position. The stakes are too high. The owners, advertisers, fans, teammates, and you expect superior talent to play well and win…no tradeoffs…no exceptions…only A players are welcome.

So when it comes to hiring talent for your organizational team, should your standards be any lower than those you expect of the home team?

You may believe there’s a scarcity of Rockstars for your open positions, or you may simply not have been challenged (yet!) to codify your company’s DNA to establish criteria for making an A-level hire

But that’s where you start.

To define your company’s DNA, identify your top performers, and go through the exercise of boiling down a list of 3–5 traits they all share. Not personality traits…but essential and existential hardwiring they share that translates to propulsion in your company.

These traits become the codified DNA of your company and the standard you hire to going forward. No exceptions. Every. Single. Trait. Or no hire.

Rid yourself of the hackneyed and damaging perception that you hire to organizational fit. That thinking will invite inertia if your talent pool is mediocre.

Rather, hire to vision and those who live it.